Monday, June 20, 2016

Pinnacle Leader

I applied for Pinnacle Leader this year. I went through extensive application process including classroom observation and interview. I have always wanted to be a pinnacle leader! Here is my role as a Pinnacle leader.

  1. Enhance existing 21st Century professionals to work in Gaston County Schools who will demonstrate the integration of proven technology into the Common Core and Essential Standards.
  2. Train participants in creating learner-centered classrooms where technology is a common tool for instruction and learning.  
  3. Create a cohort of teachers who will serve as technology leaders and mentors in their respective schools and assist the instructional technology facilitators in professional learning.
  4. Provide enrichment for existing technology leaders in our schools.

Elements of Pinnacle training will include but are not limited to the study of working with adult learners, technology integration, learner-centered vs. teacher-centered environments and emerging technologies that impact student learning.  
So, while most teachers were enjoying their first week of summer vacation. I was enjoying learning all about technology integration.  We had a four days of intensive training. Most days I left my brain was fried and I couldn't put a sentence together. I have never had a professional development workshop that changed your life, but that is exactly what pinnacle did. It changed my thinking and I will never teach the same way I use too. 

We were greeted Monday morning with a new Chromebook and iPad. I will also get a cart of 15 Chromebooks and 10 iPads for my students.

Our day consisted of working on our PLN and PDP. We got to learn about SAMR model through a ice cream analogy. 

We got to put our professional development goals on a Monopoly game board and collect stickers of all our break out sessions. Teachers love stickers!!! We also love complete things and checking off list. 

We also got to do a book study. My book was on digital leadership. I learned so much. 

Some of the other Pinnacle leaders did their book study on Teaching like a Pirate. We got to do a google hangout with the Author Dave Burgess. He was very inspiring and energetic. I ordered his book right away so I could read it also. 

One of my favorite projects were Stop Motion Movie Maker. It took us an hour and half to make a 9 second video. However, it was so much fun and I can't wait to try it with my students. 

We learned so many things, I can not wait to use them in my classroom. We also practice our timing on presenting. I did a presentation on the characteristic of a leader. 

Speaking on leaders..... We had the very best leaders. They were phenomenal. 

This was such a great week, It was certainly life changing. I can not wait to use everything I learned with my students.