Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baby it's cold outside.......

While everyone is snowed in. Please check out the Read Aloud Project.  In September, I got to go to a two day workshop on The Read Aloud Project. We learned about the components of a read aloud with an emphasis on key aspects of common core, including quality text-dependent questions, improved tasks and a focus on academic vocabulary. The Read Aloud project has free common core aligned lessons.  My team got to create a lesson. I will let you know when it is uploaded. 

To learn more about the Read Aloud Project click here.

I know.... I haven't blogged much. We have been doing such amazing things in the classroom. I have been so busy but I can't wait to share everything.  

The superintendent came to my classroom!! It was so excited. He ask me about my son. I couldn't believed he remember me. We discussed the transition from elementary to middle school. I still can't believe my son is in middle school!   

My students are so sweet!!  

Have you heard about Naeir?  Naeir offers teachers and non profit organization access to thousands of brand new, high quality products for a fraction of retail cost. All merchandise is free, you just pay shipping and handling. All the above items I paid $25 for.