Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Sweet Class

February 2015

I love my class!! I have been teaching for 15 years and this class is beyond perfect. They are kind to one another, sweet and love to learn. I know this kind of class comes once in a lifetime. So, I will cherish every minute.

We learned about measurement this month. We measured with basketball player steps and baby steps. 

Our school ask our parents to write about why a staff member was special for Valentine's Day. They put these on a bulletin board outside of the office. It was so nice to read these special words from our parents. Here are a few of my favorites. 

My students in guided reading are locating information in a non fiction text.

Our students are still working on our kindness chains. We almost have them wrapped around our classroom. I promised the students a pizza party when they achieve this goal.  Our assistant made our chains in a heart for Valentine's Day.  Did I mention I have the best class?  EVER!!! 

This is my wonderful assistant Ms. Spencer with the students. 

We have a wonderful program called Classroom Central that helps teachers and students get supplies. Teachers are allowed to go shopping once a month for supplies. Everything is free. 

Classroom Central has a program called Backpacks & Basics that outfits the highest poverty schools in the region with supply kits and backpacks for their entire student body. The first picture is my class. The other pictures are students and staff at our school. 

This is the sweetest video of one of our pre-school students. 

My students left this on my white board. I am so blessed to have such sweet students. 

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