Friday, August 14, 2015

Collaborative Learning

March 2015

Collaborative Learning 

Our class combined our writing genre "All About Books" and learning teams to create a collaborative learning adventure. 

I assigned learning teams and leaders for the groups. The first thing was to discuss roles of the group and make plans on who would be responsible. This was a student directed activity.  I observed the groups but did not interfere with this process. After our groups were done we discuss things that worked well and things that needed to change. The students discussed any problems that they may have had. 

The next steps was to start our research. I taught the students how to search. A great tip is to put "for kids" after your search. This gave the students kid friendly information about their animal. It took a couple of weeks to finish or research. We utilize our i Pads and Computer Lab. 

Then the students put their books together. 

Then the student presented their All About books to the class. 

To wrap up our project the students filled out a rubric on their group performance.

My students did a wonderful job. They got along so well. They helped each other. It brought our already close class together even more. 

I got this amazing unit on teachers pay teachers Click here if you would like this unit. 

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