Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the shelf

I am so excited to do Elf in the Shelf in my classroom. My son is 11 years old so we missed the boat on this new tradition. The night before I wrapped up the box and put in the freezer so it would be cold from the North Pole. 

The students were so excited when the office called to say we had a special package. I let the students open it the package. They were so excited, especially when glitter fell all over the floor. 

We read the book and started right away on a name for our elf. We made a web and Little Monroe won. (I was trying to get them vote for Mollie, because it was my niece's name. I was not happy with the elf having my name..... but the students were) 

The first day the Elf painted a self portrait and hung it up with all the others. I can't believe I left the paint out. Silly me. 

The next day Little Monroe was reading to our stuff animals. The students gasp!!! "Are they real too???"

The next day our Elf put everyone on purple!!! When you are on purple you get to go to the little treasure box. On Friday if you have not been on yellow, orange or red, you get to go a larger treasure box. If you are on purple on Friday you get two things out of the treasure. Wouldn't you know the Elf picked Friday to move everyone to purple!!! 

Stay tune for more adventures of Little Monroe. . . 

On a personal note, I got voted KIA Outstanding Educator for my school and had a chance to win a new car. I didn't win the car but it was a wonderful and special night. So blessed.

My son and I before the ceremony. 

On stage 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Door Decorating Contest

Door Decorating Contest

Our Staff and Students morale committee decided to host a door decorating contest. After much thought our class decided on a reindeer theme. 

My first idea came from little illuminations. Click here to check out post

Our next item came here A Faithful attempt. Click here to see these adorable reindeer

The next project is my favorite. They turned out amazing. I broke the activities into several days to let the paint dry. Click here for a step by step directions for these reindeer portraits

We also did  research on reindeer and I found the best freebie on teacher pay teacher to go along with the unit.
Click here to get your copy.

Stay tuned this week to see our Elf on the Shelf!